Approved Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym/Abbreviation Term/Full Title
AAP Actual Average Percentage
ACT Federal Crop Insurance Act (Pub. L. 104-127)
AD Actuarial Documents
AF Annual Forage
AIB Actuarial Information Browser
AIP Approved Insurance Provider
AMBA American Malt Barley Association
AMS Agricultural Marketing Service
APH Actual Production History
AR Acreage Report
ARD Acreage Reporting Date
ARH Actual Revenue History
ARP Area Revenue Protection
ARPA Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106-224)
ARPHPE Area Revenue Protection with the Harvest Price Exclusion
ARPI Area Revenue Protection Insurance Policy Basic Provisions
ASA American Society of Agronomy
ATTRA Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
AUP American Upland Cotton
AYP Area Yield Protection