Approved Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym/Abbreviation Term/Full Title
CIH FCIC-18010 Crop Insurance Handbook
CIMS Comprehensive Information Management System
CIS Citizenship and Immigration Service
CLU FSA Common Land Unit (Field)
COI Conflict of Interest
COL Cause of Loss
CP Crop Provisions
CPA Contract Price Addendum
CPF Commingled Production Factor
CRP Conservation Reserve Program
CSREES Cooperative Research, Education, and Extension Service
CTV Comprehensive Tree Value
CWC Chemical Weed Control
CY(s) Crop Year(s)
DF Discount Factor
DNP Do Not Pay
DO Dollar Amount of Insurance Plan
DP Default Percentage
DSSH FCIC-24040 Document and Supplemental Standards Handbook
EC Enterprise Unit by Cropping Practice