Generate policy provisions for your MPCI or Crop-Hail policy.
Access anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
The Historical Cause of Loss database allows users to access the percentage breakdown of crop insurance loss payments attributed to perils including: drought, excess moisture, hail, freeze, wind and other reported causes.
Generate up to a ten year price history for projected and harvest prices. A dynamic chart will display for your crop and county.
Generate history for Trend Adjustment Factors. A dynamic chart will display for your crop and county.
The Loss Estimation worksheet is a loss estimator that demonstrates the differences in how losses are calculated under various plans of insurance.
The MPCI Dates tool displays all of the current important dates for various plans of insurance within each state and county.
Viewing data for disaster years quickly illustrates the importance and value of crop insurance. The database allows users to view historical information for a range of years by state, county, and crop.
You may simulate a list of loss payments based on your selection of crop, crop plan, APH, and price. Trigger yields are provided for estimation and example purposes only.