Worldly Influence

Agriculture is linked to our global economy like few other industries. And that is precisely why Rain and Hail has actively developed international connections that benefit our policyholders today and tomorrow. With an enviable reputation as a leading and reputable underwriting business organization, Rain and Hail is uniquely situated to shape the future profitability of farming throughout the world.

Earning Your Trust

The history of business of America often illustrates an unfortunate end for companies that take their leadership role for granted. Perhaps because Rain and Hail is based in America's heartland where farming is an inseparable part of the landscape or because our divisions offices tie us closely to community needs, Rain and Hail remains an industry leader and continually works to maintain this position. The trust of individuals we serve, from policyholders to agribusiness leaders, is the true standard of our success.

Rain and Hail welcomes the opportunity to provide protection for America's farmers and risk bearers. Open communication is the essence of our relationship with policyholders, agents and allied businesses, many of whom we have been privileged to serve for many decades.

American agriculture and its producers give the world their best. Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc., is proud to assist them in their success.