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What is an Agent Services Account?

We provide access to electronic forms, policy information, account information and maintenance, and a variety of tools for your site.

We are Committed to Your Success! We offer management and account tools to all of our Agents. To contact a division in your area, visit our Locations page to email or call a division near you.

Electronic Tools

  • Real-time client and agency information
  • Rain and Hail tools to use on your agency Web site
  • Report scheduling for automatic running and email delivery of reports
  • Tools to aid in policy decision-making including various worksheets, and historical information
  • Electronic notice of loss
  • Access forms, manuals, bulletins, crop provisions, and marketing materials

Quoting Tools

Rain and Hail offers Internet quoting, allowing immediate updates to programs and books of business.

Become an Electronic Reporting Agent and be in control of your own destiny

  • Process acreage, production and policy changes electronically
  • Generate applications and other reports electronically
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction

Prompt Claims Service

Rain and Hail offers an express claims service to simplify the claims process, and to speed up the receipt of claims payments. We provide our customers the ability to file through our Express Claims (EC) process.

Training & Education

Rain and Hail provides agents with continuous training over its policies and procedures. Agent training meetings are held regularly throughout our service areas. Each agent is provided with a region specific Agent Training Manual, that "tells it all."

Marketing Assistance

An extensive selection of marketing resources is available to each agent. From product brochures to ad slicks, and postcards to policy briefs, we make it our goal to meet the demands of our diverse group of agents.

Information on any Agent Services page is considered accurate and up-to-date. However, they do not cover all possible crop situations. Therefore, these pages and documents CAN NOT be used in place of any FCIC, NCIS, or Rain and Hail form or publication.

If you are an existing Rain and Hail Agent and would like an online account, please fill out the form below and submit your information. Following your submission, you and your division representative will receive a confirmation email requesting your account. Once the division activates your account, you will then receive a second email notifying you that the account has been activated. You may then login anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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If you are a California resident, please read our Notice of Collection.

If you are having any difficulties registering, please contact your division office.

Rain and Hail's goal is to build long term business relationship with our customers.