Growing with Rain and Hail Webinars for Growers (and Their Agents!)

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Weather Insights & Analysis

Join Rain and Hail along with John Feldt, an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist and the founder of Blue Water Outlook, as we launch our new venture Rain and Hail Weather Insights & Analysis. With spring growing season quickly approaching, John will provide weather outlook and trends to give you an idea of what you are in store for this year. We’ll also be talking about an exciting opportunity to receive weekly updates from John in our Rain and Hail Weather Insights & Analysis email series starting February 14.

2022 Crop Marketing & Crop Insurance Decisions

Join us at our upcoming webinar series 2022 Crop Marketing & Crop Insurance Decisions presented by Steve Johnson Ph.D., retired Extension Farm Management Specialist. Steve has expertise on corn and soybean marketing strategies, tools and market planning. He will discuss those marketing strategies that will allow growers to take advantage of the highest projected prices in nine years and protect large crop revenue guarantees with crop insurance. Steve will also provide insight into the ARC/PLC enrollment that growers are faced with on or before March 15.
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