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Bushel Powered Elevators

Select your state to view elevators near you. Don’t see any in your area? Contact your local grain elevators, and tell them you want them connected to Bushel.

Company City (Location Name) State Zip Code Bushel App Website
Britton (Britton Elevator) SD 57430 website
Britton (Britton Grain Terminal) SD 57430 website
Canova SD 57321 website
Carthage SD 57323 website
Claremont (Claremont Grain) SD 57432 website
DeSmet SD 57231 website
Dimock SD 57029 website
Fort Pierre SD 57532 website
Freeman (Freeman Elevator) SD 57029 website
Hettinger (Bucyrus) SD 58639 website
Highmore SD 57345 website
Lake Preston SD 57249 website
Lyons SD 57041 website
Marion (Marion Main Elevator Terminal) SD 57043 website
Marion (Marion Downtown) SD 57048 website
Midland SD 57552 website
Montrose SD 57048 website
Murdo SD 57559 website
New Effington (New Effington (Fertilizer)) SD 57255 website
Oldham SD 57051 website
Onida (Oahe Grain Corporation) SD 57564 website
Philip SD 57567 website
Presho SD 57568 website
Rapid City (Rapid City Elevator) SD 57701 website
Salem (Salem Elevator) SD 57058 website