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Bushel Powered Elevators

Select your state to view elevators near you. Don’t see any in your area? Contact your local grain elevators, and tell them you want them connected to Bushel.

Company City (Location Name) State Zip Code Bushel App Website
Ingalls (Ingalls Elevator) KS 67853 website
Ingalls (Charleston Elevator) KS 67853 website
Ingalls (Ingalls Branch) KS 67853 website
Isabel (Cairo South) KS 67035 website
Jamestown (Cloud County Elevator Assn Jamestown) KS 66948 website
Jennings (Jennings Elevator) KS 67643 website
Jetmore (Jetmore Branch) KS 67854 website
Jewell (RCFU Jewell) KS 66949 website
Johnson (Operations) KS 67855 website
Kalvesta (Kalvesta Branch) KS 67856 website
Kendall KS 67857 website
Kensington (Trinity Ag, LLC Kensington North) KS 66951 website
Kingman (Brown Spur) KS 67068 website
Kingman (Twin Forks) KS 67068 website
Kingman KS 67068 website
Kingsdown (Kingsdown Branch) KS 67858 website
Kiowa KS 67070 website
Kirwin (Trinity Ag, LLC Kirwin) KS 67644 website
Kismet KS 67859 website
Lakin (Lakin Elevator) KS 67860 website
Lawrence (Ottawa Coop North Lawrence) KS 66044 website
Lawrence (Ottawa Coop Midland) KS 66046 website
Lawrence (Ottawa Coop South Lawrence) KS 66046 website
Lenora (Lenora Elevator) KS 67645 website
Leonardville (Central Valley Ag Leonardville) KS 66449 website