100 Years of Rain and Hail



Hail Audit and Statistical Bureau was Created

Organized by Aetna Insurance Company (today ACE Property and Casualty Insurance Company), Insurance Company of North American (INA) and Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company to write Crop-Hail insurance in the Midwest as well as the Pacific Coast.

November 19, 1919

James B. Cullison, Jr. Hired to Manage the Bureau

James B. Cullison, Jr. reared from a farm in Oklahoma where he experienced the natural perils and problems common to farming - drought, hail, insects and disease.


March 25, 1920

INA issued Hail Policy No. 1

July 6, 1921

Hail Audit and Statistical Bureau Set Up Office in the Plymouth Building in Minneapolis, Minnesota

March 28, 1924

The Name “Rain and Hail” Formed

Crop-Hail insurance partnership, the Hail Audit and Statistical Bureau, expanded into a national bureau to write not only hail but also rain insurance. The association was called “Rain and Hail”.

May 10, 1924

Rain Policy No. 1 Issued

Insured “Uniformed Rank Company No. 155, Knights of Pythias” for $1,000 against loss occasioned by rain at their spring festival, to be held under a tent in Granite City, Illinois, on May 17 between 6 and 9 p.m. The premium was $90.


Northern Division Office Opened


Southern Division Office Opened


Southwest Division Office Opened


Atlantic Coast Division Office Opened


California Division Office Opened


Great Plains Division Office Opened


Midwest Division Office Opened


Rain and Hail Separated Rain Policies into Two Distinct Classes

Form “A” (“when insuring events that have an income or gross profit expectancy”)
Form “B” (“only on events having expenses but no income expectancy”).



Canada Division Office Opened


Football Rain Coverage Introduced

Form “E” (“designed to cover income from advance sale of reserved seat tickets for football games only.”)


Northwest Division Office Opened


The Federal Crop Insurance Act was Passed

This established the very first Federal Crop Insurance program.


The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) was Created to Carry Out the First Authorized Federal Crop Insurance



Eastern Division Office Opened


Great Lakes Division Offices in Bloomington and Chicago Opened

January 1949

James B. Cullison Retired as Chairman after 30 years with Rain and Hail

June 1949

Stephen K. Bjornson, Chairman, Passed Away after 26 Years with Rain and Hail


December 1962

Springfield Fire and Marine Merged with Monarch Life Insurance Company

Springfield Fire and Marine merged with Monarch Life Insurance Company and, subsequently, withdrew from the property and casualty field of insurance.

December 1962

Insurance Company of North America Decided to Increase their Efforts in the Farm Property and Casualty Field and Combine this with Their Own Crop-Hail Department

January 1, 1963

Board of Governors Dissolved and Disbanded the Bureau After a Tough Hail Season

January 1, 1963

Aetna Immediately Re-Formed Rain and Hail Insurance Bureau in the Plan of Dissolution

Secretary-Controller D.F. Kirsheman – Aetna was Rain and Hail’s “guiding light.”



Rain and Hail National Headquarters Moved from Chicago to Des Moines

2829 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, Iowa. Corporate staff consisted of W.D. “Bill” Classen, President; Cecelia Browne, Officer Administrator; and Glen Peterson, Computer Director.

September 26, 1980

The Federal Crop Insurance Act of 1980 was Passed

Congress passed legislation to increase participation in the Federal Crop Insurance Program and make it more affordable and accessible.

December 31, 1980

Rain and Hail Insurance Bureau Ended Operations After 61 Years

All Bureau member companies withdrew from the Crop-Hail business, thus ending the Bureau.

January 1, 1981

Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc. Began Operation and Became Crop Insurance General Agency for Aetna

Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc., an employee-owned managing general agency, began operation and became the crop insurance general agency for Aetna Insurance Company.

July 30, 1981

AGIS, Inc. was Incorporated

December 12, 1981

Rain and Hail Corporate Relocated to 1501 50th Street in West Des Moines, IA


Rain and Hail Became the Crop Insurance MGA for CIGNA

CIGNA merged with the Insurance Company of North America and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, which had acquired AETNA.

August 1983

Agri General Insurance Company, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc., was Incorporated in the State of Iowa

September 1983

The First RHIS Newsletter to Agents, Adjusters and Employees was Issued

February 26, 1985

RHIS, Inc. – Hailwise We Specialize Logo Trademarked


Rain and Hail Began Providing Crop Insurance for State Farm


Rain and Hail Corporate Relocated to 4800 Westown Parkway, Building 4 in West Des Moines, IA


E.L. Ross Became a General Agent for Rain and Hail


Rain and Hail Acquired the National Farmers Union (NFU) Book of Business

December 1988

Rain and Hail Became the First Crop Organization to Exceed $100 Million in Crop Insurance Premiums

Servicing $122,000,000.00 in premium.


December 13, 1991

Crop Insurance Training Institute, Inc. (CITI) was Incorporated

CITI was created as a non-profit to provide various educational programs/seminars for instruction to crop insurance adjusters.

March 1, 1992

Bill Classen Retired as Chairman After 35 Years with Rain and Hail

August 25, 1992

RHIS, Inc. – Crop Insurance Since 1919 Logo Trademarked

January 13, 1993

Rain and Hail Insurance Society was Incorporated

Society was incorporated as a non-profit to promote the general welfare of the crop insurance industry while RHI Society PAC was created to facilitate the election of candidates to public office who demonstrate support of crop insurance.

October 13, 1994

The Federal Crop Insurance Reform Act of 1994 was Signed into Law

This act completely restructured the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance program, including introducing CAT coverage.


The Risk Management Agency (RMA) was Created

March 6, 1996

RHIS Inc Became a Holding Company and Rain and Hail LLC Became the Operating Entity

August 25, 1998

RHIS International, Inc. Logo Trademarked

September 15, 1998

Rain and Hail Mexico Logos Trademarked

Rain and Hail Mexico logos (Spanish and English versions) trademarked.


ACE USA Purchased the CIGNA P&C Business and the 20% of Equity in RHIS Inc.



Rain and Hail Added the Former CIGNA Agribusiness Book of $38 Million to Its Portfolio

April 3, 2000

E.L. Ross Acquired by Rain and Hail

May 2000

Congress Passed the Agricultural Risk Protection Act (ARPA)

This act made different types of insurance products more accessible for farmers.

November 16, 2001

Rain and Hail Moved to the 9200 Northpark Drive Complex in Johnston, IA as the New Rain and Hail Headquarters


Rain and Hail Became the Crop-Hail MGA for Wheat Growers Farm Mutual Insurance Company

November 5, 2002

RHIS, Inc. (Crop Insurance Removed) Logo Trademarked


Pacific and Montana Divisions Consolidated into the Northwest Division

October 2004

Rain and Hail Hit the Billion Dollar Mark of Written Premium


The MPCI Program Marked its 25th Anniversary Since Inception


Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc Celebrated 25 Years as a Company

April 1, 2005

John Joyce Retired as Chairman after 18 Years with Rain and Hail

March 7, 2006

Agri General Insurance Company Logo Trademarked

January 2008

Rain and Hail Launches Its Inaugural Annual Photo Contest


October 2010

The Rain and Hail Board Met for the Last Time

December 28, 2010

Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Inc. Acquired by ACE

November 30, 2011

ACE Acquired Penn Millers

January 5, 2012

Steve Harms Retired as Chairman After 36 Years with Rain and Hail


Central Division Office Opened

April 2013

Penn Millers and Rain and Hail’s Agribusiness Department Joined Forces Under a New Name, ACE Agribusiness

January 29, 2014

The Agricultural Act of 2014 Passed

Also known as the 2014 Farm Bill, this act provided more complete coverages for American farmers, solidifying crop insurance as a necessity.

June 30, 2014

Rain and Hail Acquired Pioneer’s Crop Insurance Division (PHI)

August 26, 2014

Rain and Hail Name Trademarked

April 10, 2015

Bob Haney Retired as Chairman After 31 Years with Rain and Hail

January 14, 2016

ACE Acquired Chubb and Adopted the Chubb Name Globally

January 24, 2017

Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Ltd. Hailwise We Specialize Logo Trademarked

January 14, 2018

Rain and Hail Name Trademarked in Canada


Rain and Hail Celebrates 100 Years of Serving Farmers