Precision Ag Data and Crop Insurance

Whether you are a policyholder or an agent, we know growers already spend time and money capturing precision ag data. Let’s make sure it is used in as many ways as possible! Using precision ag data saves time and improves accuracy.


  • Accuracy – Policyholders only pay premium on the acres they actually plant.
  • Efficiency – Reduces the amount of time agents spend with policyholders reporting their acres.
  • Precision – Maintain the most precise APH information possible.
  • Ease – Serves as a great method for record keeping.
  • Flexibility – There are several ways to report. Only acres or acres and yield information can be submitted. If you are using the data for APH and claims, there are several requirements which are listed below.
    • GPS technology integrated with planter monitors, combine monitors and yield mapping software. Must have all three to utilize.
    • A planting and harvesting summary report.
    • Calibrations performed per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Free – There is no cost to report information with precision data.

Rain and Hail Partnerships

Ag Leader

Agents with SMS can pull data into Rain and Hail’s Mapping software. If growers have a Policyholder Services account, they can submit the data directly to Rain and Hail.

John Deere

Growers can use their account to transmit data to their Rain and Hail agent.

More Information

Growers, reach out to your local Rain and Hail agent, and see how you can save time and maximize your precision ag data!

Agents, encourage your policyholders to utilize their precision ag data for crop insurance purposes and add value to your business when they see how much time they save (and you too!). Get more information from your local Marketing Supervisor or our dedicated Precision Ag landing page on Agent Services.